The Things You Should Factor in Buying an Electric Skateboard

There’s nothing more popular than an electric skateboard. It seems like everyone wishes to try it to the point where new manufacturing companies enter the fray every month. A few years back, there are only a couple of recognised brands that manufactures electric skateboards for mass consumption. You have wide options to choose from as an increasing number of brands and manufacturers produce electric skateboards today.

It is your job as a potential buyer to understand what to look for in a product as new brands provide you with options on an electric skateboard for sale. Take note that not all varieties offer similar specs and feature that meets your wants and needs.

  1. Type of Motor

Whether the motor is a hub or belt-driven system, it is the main thing you must consider.  Although most of the first electric skateboards on the market use belt-driven systems, it has been changed today. Since it allows greater customisability, belt-driven systems were initially more popular. However, as the customer base and market has grown, non-technical riders have shown a clear preference for hub motors.  In fact, apart from requiring less maintenance, hub motors also allow for kick pushing. Plus, it is quieter and possesses less lag.

  1. Wattage

When it comes to the understanding of an electric skateboard’s power, wattage is significant. It means that less power is equivalent to lower wattage. Low power manifests itself in more moderate speeds, torque as well as hill functionality. You will want a board with at least 1500W if you live in a location that has plenty of hills and steep inclines.

  1. Material and Deck Style

You will typically find decks made of two materials to complete an electric skateboard. One is the bamboo or carbon fibre, and two is the fibreglass. Most large companies tend to use one way or the other even if many electric skateboards also utilise a composite of the two materials. For riders, the distinction between the two materials means the difference between a stiff and flexible board. Fibreglass is stiffer while bamboo is more flexible.

  1. Weight of the Board

When looking for an electric skateboard for sale, the weight of the board is basic yet a critical point. The electric skateboards weight varies by up to a significantly few pounds. In terms of convenience, take note that a few pounds will make a huge difference.   So if you plan to commute with your electric skateboard and to carry it around after riding, you must opt for lighter ones.

  1. Capacity

The electric skateboard’s weight capacity is one factor that you must not forget to examine. If you are of heavier weight, make sure to check its weight capacity as you may find that the specs listed don’t apply to people over a certain weight. Thus, to see how the company calculated its product specifications, always take time to check.